The investment portfolio “Sport & Fitness” is an opportunity to earn together with the growth in popularity of sports tournaments and competitions, as well as with the growing demand for goods for sports and outdoor activities. The portfolio provides a unique opportunity to invest both in high performance sports and in companies that provide products and services for everyday sports and active lifestyles.

The basis of this thematic portfolio is made up of shares of public companies, whose products and services include areas, such as:

  • Sports equipment and clothing
  • Goods for outdoor activities
  • Sports clubs and professional sports
  • Sports facilities and installations
  • Sports media and entertainment
Investment type Individual portfolio
Asset class Shares
Currency USD
Minimum investment amount 100 000 USD
Geographical focus Global markets

The current investment portfolio type is formed by the managers of Rietumu Asset Management and in different periods of time may include shares of 20-30 issuing companies.

Examples of companies in this area

1. LULU - Lululemon Athletica

Lululemon Athletica manufactures and markets clothing and sports products. The company became known for popularizing yoga in the United States and producing specialized clothing for yoga and pilates. The company adheres to a model of direct selling to consumers through its brand stores and e-commerce channels, avoiding additional intermediaries, which allows it to maintain a high added value of its products. The company's marketing strategy includes free public yoga classes in cities where Lululemon stores are located, as well as creating ubiquitous communities of local shoppers who are loyal to the brand.

2. PTON - Peloton Interactive

Peloton Interactive is an American company that offers a variety of fitness equipment for home sports, as well as high-tech software for exercise bikes and treads. Initially, the company created interactive exercise bikes for customers who were not satisfied with the repetitive workouts on conventional machines. Subsequently, the company began to produce other interactive simulators, relying on a wider audience of people who could not spend a lot of time training outside the home. To create the exercise equipment, the company entered a partnership with two well-known companies specializing in such production: Rexon and Tonic. Peloton themselves produce software and content for the platform. In addition to the traditional sales of the simulators themselves, the company generates revenue from customer subscriptions to training programs and other company’s content.

3. USNA - Usana Health Sciences

Usana Health Sciences is an American company founded in 1992 that manufactures and markets sports and nutritional products around the world. The main products of the company are vitamins, dietary supplements for sports and skin and body care, as well as food with a high content of nutrients. The company sponsors major sporting events (such as the US Open Tennis). The company's products are quite versatile and have a fairly wide range of names: from dietary supplements for improved recovery after exercise, to protein bars, and other products for a healthy and active lifestyle.