Rietumu Bank provides excellent service in currency exchange, offering transactions in different major currencies with different settlement dates.

Our customers can negotiate a preferred rate if the amount of a transaction exceeds EUR 5000 or an equivalent in other foreign currency. The preferred rate depends on the amount and settlement date of a transaction.

In order to fix a preferred rate and agreed upon other special terms and conditions of a transaction, please contact our dealing desk at +371 67025289, +371 67025209 from 09:00 till 18:00 Latvian Time (GMT +3). Transactions during non-working hours from 18:00 till 9:00 Latvian time (of the next business day) are executed using bank's official currency exchange rates and total transactions limit is 10 000 EUR.

To request and fix a preferred rate you will have to provide the dealer with your Rietumu ID and one-time password from the DIGIpass. After you agree upon the rate, the conversion will be automatically executed within a few minutes. .

To accelerate the process of exchange order execution when transacting by phone, please indicate the exact amount of the sold/bought currency and the settlement date of transaction.

When buying Russian roubles till 13:30 Latvian Time, the payment (when required) is made on the same day. In winter – till 12:30 Latvian Time

Other conditions for Currency Exchange Transaction please refer to Section 19 of Terms and Conditions of Rietumu Banka and Customer Agreement.