Convenience and safety

Individual PIN code

Ordering the card via iRietumu, you can choose your own PIN code. The service is available when ordering new, renewed or replaced card. An individual PIN will give you extra comfort, as you won't have to remember a new code and the card will be easier to use.

Free SMS notifications about transactions (M-Bank)

With the help of M-bank you can receive information about transactions with your cards. Connection fee and subscription fee are not charged. It is possible to apply for the M-Bank service at the Bank or Internet Bank.

3D Secure - quick and convenient solution for shopping online

Rietumu offers a fast and easy solution for secure online shopping. You will receive a one-time code on the verified mobile phone to confirm your transaction.

To apply for the service, contact the Bank's Customer Support Center at +37167025555.

Beneficial conditions for additional cards

You can order additional cards on favorable conditions for all family members. You will be able to control your family's assets and replenish the cards instantly, as well as optimize the cost of maintaining your family's payment cards.

24/7 card account replenishment

You can replenish your family card accounts at any time via the Internet Bank or via mobile application. Orders received between 22:30 pm and 01:00 am will be executed immediately after 01:00 am.