Precious metals are one of the most popular and reliable form of capital storage. This kind of assets can be used in the investment portfolio to protect the general purchasing power, reduce portfolio volatility and minimize losses during market shocks.

There are two main options for the purchase and sale of precious metals: at spot prices - for physical metal and futures prices - for deliveries/supplies in the future.

Unallocated precious metals trading

The investment account at Rietumu offers an opportunity for transactions with precious metals in the depersonalized form ( without specifying its individual features, the number of bars, it’s purity, manufacturer, serial number, etc.) In this case the purchase of the precious metal will not incur transportation and warehousing costs, furthermore depersonalized precious metal purchase commission is lower than purchase commissions of metals in bars or coins.

Currently, Rietumu offers XAU (troy ounce of gold) trading, as well as XAG (troy ounce of solver), XPT (troy ounce of platinum) and XPD (troy ounce of palladium).