Environmental concerns

Effective and green office

Rietumu Banka is located in one of the first and largest “green” office blocks in Riga and Latvia. This modern building, that was erected between 2002 and 2008 using ecological materials is equipped with state-of-the-art environment control systems. This allows creating comfortable working environment with lowest possible energy consumption.

Electronic communication and document workflow

Wide application of digital innovations to routine tasks supports significant decrease of paper consumption while improving communication between different units of the Bank. The same innovations allow customers seamlessly use all the Bank’s services without having to attend the Bank personally.

Improved logistics

Most of our colleagues work at the same office, thus making business trips much less necessary. The Bank also provide all the required facilities for on-line meetings for the same reason. The Bank also supports employees, who commute using bicycles or scooters, by providing the necessary infrastructure.

Carbon footprint

The Bank contemplates implementation of carbon footprint calculation tool to evaluate the impact of its business activity. Our potential partner in this project is one of the world’s largest data analysis companies.