Asset Management

We employ our vast experience and traditional approach to investing, supplemented by highly complex analysis models in order to provide tailored solutions and reach your investment goals

Individual portfolio

Individual solutions for investors with capital from 100 000 EUR

  • Individual approach

  • Broad diversification

  • Continuous updates

  • Special rates

Wide range of financial market possibilities

  • Global markets
  • Balanced approach to portfolio construction
  • Various investment tools

Investment Ideas

Structured portfolios
Low-risk investments with high-growth potential

Passive portfolios
Low-cost investments in various market indices

Target maturity portfolios
Set your own schedule for passive income

Regular information on financial news and market trends

  • Follow the Financial Market trends
  • Get Professional market insights
  • Be prepared for market events

Individual commission plans

Your personal commission scheme would depend on:

  • Investment goals and risk
  • Size of funds
  • Investment horizon