On customer service at the premises of Rietumu Bank

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, starting from 15 October the following practice for servicing clients and visitors at Rietumu Bank’s headquarters is being intruded.

14 October 2020, 16:20 Products & Services

Inga Shina for Forbes - about Current Trends in Charity in Latvia

The Latvian Forbes published an article by Inga Shina, Chairperson of the Board of Rietumu Bank Charity Fund, in its October issue.

14 October 2020, 13:45 Charity & Sponsorship

On Changes in the Board of Rietumu Bank

This is to inform on changes in the Board of JSC “Rietumu Banka”. The member of the Board Ilya Suharenko steps down from this position.

2 October 2020, 14:00 Products & Services

Rietumu Bank's comment to the Telegraph magazine

Latvian business magazine the Telegraph has published an article on how the recent Covid-19 emergency situation affected the operation of the banks.

17 September 2020, 15:00 Products & Services

The Competition “Sacral Heritage of Latvia” Is Over

Rietumu Bank Charity Fund has assessed the results of the competition “Sacral Heritage of Latvia”, which took place this spring and summer.

8 September 2020, 15:00 Charity & Sponsorship