On Tariff Changes

Due to Financial Transaction Tax implementation in Spain, starting from 27 January the purchasing shares, depository certificates such as ADRs and GDR of Spanish companies with market capitalisation of over 1 billion EUR is applicable to the tax, which equals to 0.2% of the deals amount.

19 January 2021, 16:25 Rates & Fees

On Tariff Changes

This is to inform that several commission fees on amendments to the loan for Latvian residents will be changed (for corporate clients – starting from 7 May, for private clients – starting from 28 May).

27 April 2020, 00:00 Rates & Fees

On Tariff Changes

This is to inform that starting from 14 April several bank’s commission fees will be changed.

14 February 2020, 00:00 Rates & Fees

On New Regulations Regarding Due Diligence of Customers

Please be informed that in view of Regulation No. 135 adopted by the Financial and Capital Market Commission, which carries out the supervision of Latvian banks, taking effect, i.e. “Regulations on the Establishment of Customer Due Diligence, Enhanced Customer Due Diligence and Risk Scoring System”, the scope of customers regarding whom the bank is liable to perform enhanced due diligence and identify the source of funds on a regular basis, is increasing significantly.

24 January 2020, 00:00 Rates & Fees

On changes of tariffs of the Bank

This is to inform that starting from the 18th of February 2020 new fees for individual customer service in Rietumu Bank will be implemented.

18 December 2019, 16:15 Rates & Fees