Thematic Investment Portfolios

The main advantages given to investors by a wide selection of thematic portfolios:

  • Investments into major long-term technological, macro and social trends
  • A balanced portfolio of stocks, where both the leaders of their industries and small perspective firms are present
  • Regular checkups and rebalancing of portfolios based on the situation in financial markets and new and arising trends, as well as constant surveillance of the quality of issuing companies.
  • Opportunity for the investor to independently compile a diversified portfolio of stocks using various themes.
  • Wide geographical diversification and access to global markets
  • Alternative to thematic ETFs
  • Detailed reporting and transparent cost structure

Tariffs and investment volume:

  • Minimum Investment amount: 100 000 USD*
  • Commission for the formation of the portfolio: 0.35% from the initial investment amount
  • Management fee 1.5% per annum (calculated from the average value of the portfolio)

*the minimum investment in the “Biotech and Pharmaceuticals” portfolio is 200 000 USD

Important information:

The availability of each investment portfolio, as well as information related to the costs of each portfolio and its return characteristics, JSC „ Rietumu Asset Management” IMF provides only after determining the investment status of the potential client and suitability of the portfolio to the potential client profile.

Client Application Form for Operations on Financial Instruments Markets is available here.