The investment portfolio “Dividend Income” is an opportunity to receive a stable and predictable dividend yield on the stock market. The portfolio is based on shares of public companies, which regularly pay out a significant part of their profits in the form of dividends, and also have a stable business model that is likely to allow the company to continue or even increase the payment of regular dividends in the foreseeable future.

The thematic portfolio contains shares of companies that have the following characteristics:

Investment type Individual portfolio
Asset class Shares
Currency USD
Minimum investment amount 100 000 USD
Geographical focus Global markets

The current investment portfolio type is formed by the managers of Rietumu Asset Management and in different periods of time may include shares of 20-30 issuing companies.

Examples of companies in this area

1. GSBD - Goldman Sachs Business Development Corporation

Goldman Sachs Business Development Corporation is an American financial company affiliated with the investment bank Goldman Sachs. The company is engaged in financing venture capital and other high-risk projects mainly in North America. A feature of the structure of the BDC (Business Development Company) company is the obligatory payment of dividends in the amount of more than 90% of the company's total net profit for the year, which allows investors to achieve high dividend yield, while risks are distributed among many projects from different industries financed by Goldman Sachs BDC.

2. XOM - Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil is one of the largest American vertically integrated oil and gas companies, which was formed after the separation of Standard Oil. In addition to paying high dividends, the company actively invests in research and development of new deposits and ways to extract hydrocarbons more efficiently, which positively affects the long-term sustainability of the company, making it immune from stricter regulation of fossil fuel extraction. In addition, the company is diversifying its business and gradually adapting to the growing demand for alternative energy sources, increasing the share of new projects related to clean energy in its core business.

3. IBM - International Business Machines

IBM is an American technology company founded in 1911. IBM is the first company that was able to monetize a computer in the modern sense of the word. The company produces various solutions - software and hardware for the corporate segment in US and elsewhere: authorization, security, storage and data processing systems. IBM is also active in the rapidly growing cloud computing market. The biggest segments of the company's business are global technological solutions, business systems and cloud computing. The largest industry using IBM solutions is the financial sector.