The investment portfolio «Commodity Basket», developed by the specialists of Rietumu Asset Management, is an opportunity to earn money together with leading companies engaged in the raw materials and related sectors in the global economy.

This portfolio includes shares of enterprises, whose products are provided for years to come with guaranteed demands and, in conditions of a limited supply, have an increasing value.

Investment type Individual portfolio
Asset class Shares (public companies in the commodities sector and related industries)
Currency USD
Minimum investment amount 100 000 USD
Geographical focus Global markets

The core of the «Commodity Basket» portfolio is made up of shares of public companies in the commodity sectors of the economy and related industries:

  • oil and gas, mining, iron / steel, agriculture, chemicals, machinery and others.

The current investment portfolio type is formed by the managers of Rietumu Asset Management and in different periods of time may include shares of 25-35 issuing companies.

Examples of companies in this area

1. Anglo American PLC

Anglo American is an international mining company headquartered in London, UK. The company is the world's largest producer of platinum (about 40% of world production) and the main producer of diamonds (through an 85% stake in De Beers) with about 40% of the global market. The main activity of the company is metal mining. Anglo American is one of the leading producers of copper, nickel, iron ore, as well as metallurgical and steam coal. The company operates in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. The company's product range includes bulk goods (iron ore, manganese, coking coal), non-ferrous metals (copper, nickel and niobium), precious metals and minerals (platinum, diamonds).

2. Yara International ASA

Yara International ASA is a Norway-based chemical company and is the world’s largest producer of nitrogen fertilizers. The Company produces ammonia, nitrates, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium (NPK), and specialty fertilizers. The Company operates in three segments: the Industrial segment, which develops and sells chemicals, as well as technologies and services to non-fertilizer industries; the Upstream segment includes ammonia and fertilizer plants and phosphate mines, and the Downstream segment includes sales and marketing network for fertilizer products and agronomic solutions. The Company’s portfolio ranges from single nutrient fertilizers to complex compounds and micronutrients for feeding plants. The Company’s portfolio contains products and integrated solutions for optimizing industrial processes, water treatment and preventing air pollution.

3. Iberdrola SA

Iberdrola SA is the largest energy company in Spain and one of the world's largest energy companies. The company is engaged in the production of electricity (through CHP, nuclear power plants and alternative sources) and its sale in Spain and other countries of the world. The headquarters of the company is located in Spain, in the city of Bilbao. The company owns and operates power distribution networks and other regulated market operations in Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States and Brazil, and is one of the largest wind power producers in the world. Iberdrola's largest subsidiaries are ScottishPower, Iberdrola USA and Iberdrola Ingenieria.