Rietumu Banka becomes the patron of the Dailes Theatre

19 October 2023, 17:12

Rietumu Banka has become the patron of the Dailes Theatre (Dailes teātris). Yesterday the bank signed the cooperation agreement with the theatre. Rietumu Bank will provide financing of 100 000 euro every year to enable the theatre to unveil ambitious productions.

During the solemn event held at the Dailes Theatre, the theatre’s director Juris Žagars thanked the theatre’s team for their work that has been noticed and valued. He also congratulated the attendees with the beginning of the new cooperation. The Chairman of the Board of Rietumu Jeļena Buraja emphasised the importance of common values that unite the theatre and Rietumu Banka. She also pointed out specifically the striving for excellence and quality, and wished the Dailes Theatre a continuing creative season.

“Throughout the many years, Rietumu Banka has been supporting Latvia’s art and culture. It is quite reasonable that we have become the patron of the Dailes Theatre, the largest national repertory theatre and one of our most striking cultural spots. We will make a financial contribution to enable the theatre to bring the ambitious creative ideas to life and to produce new impressive productions. Our cooperation is aimed at supporting Latvia’s artistic and cultural values and promoting them abroad as well as enriching Latvia’s culture and arts. I firmly believe that we’ll reap the fruits of success as Rietumu Banka and the Dailes Theatre share the core value, namely our striving for high quality. And the quality is never an accident”, Jeļena Buraja underscored.

“Today, we’ve witnessed a pivotal event both for the Dailes Theatre and for Latvia’s cultural space. During this year, we have succeeded to get the largest financing provided by the patron. The patron has set an inspiring example for other potential theatre supporters and donors to follow. We intend to pursue a long-term cooperation. Such a support turns out to be quite practicable. Individual entrepreneurs can also contribute substantially to the culture, thus rendering support in the long term. Latvia’s theatre industry truly deserves our help as the industry unambiguously demonstrates quality. The patron’s action is a clear testimony of appreciation of our work and of our achievements. Spectators will always be the winners as a cooperation of this kind undoubtedly fosters diversity in Latvia’s theatre and performing arts. We strongly believe that the cooperation will open up for the Dailes Theatre more opportunities to promote the Latvian culture overseas”, Juris Žagars said.

The Dailes Theatre has the more than century-long history and is the largest theatre in the Baltic States. The theatre’s building is a pearl of Riga’s functionalism architecture style. The theatrical troupe (the acting team) has given rise to many stars standing at the very pinnacle of performing arts. The most prominent and interesting Latvian and European theatre directors of different nationalities shape new overlaps between European and Latvian cultures. Due to its unique western-oriented interaction among the today, history and the future of stage art, the Dailes Theatre has become the currently-leading theatre in Latvia. The theatre consistently proves itself internationally when performing abroad and teaming up with European-level theatre professionals.


Rietumu Bank is the official partner of the Latvian Hockey Federation (LHF) at the Hockey World Championship.

The Hockey World Championship will be held in Latvia (Riga) and Finland (Tampere) from May 12th to May 28th 2023. 16 national teams will participate in the tournament, including the Latvian team, which has been traditionally supported by the Rietumu Bank.

12 May 2023, 14:00 Charity & Sponsorship