Rietumu Bank Supports the Prestigious Kilogram of Culture Award

16 February 2021, 15:00

On 27 February, for the tenth time, the winners of the prestigious competition “Kilogram of Culture”, which is annually held with the support of Rietumu Bank’s charity fund – Nakotnes Atbalsta fonds, will be awarded.

The competition “Kilogram of Culture” is held in the official portal of the Latvian Television and Radio LSM.lv. Applicants for the nominations are nominated by an authoritative jury, which includes representatives of television, radio and LSM.lv, and the winners are determined by free public vote.

As with every year, the competition will determine the authors of the best and most original works in various spheres of culture – music, theatre, cinema, literature and visual art. This time, the list of nominations has been supplemented with new categories, the relevance and growth in popularity of which are dictated by the current time – these are online events and all sorts of remote performances.

According to Inga Shina, Chairperson of the Board of Nakotnes Atbalsta fonds:

“The past year, full of unpredictable and dramatic events, has become unusually difficult for all of us. The impact of the restrictions introduced to combat the pandemic has been and continues to be felt in all areas of life. This is very acutely manifested in culture, where many traditional areas of art – such as theatre, concerts and even museums – have become inaccessible.

However, we see that, despite this, cultural life continues: it seeks new forms, uses technological advancements, finds ways to implement creative ideas and interact with viewers and listeners. Here, time and again, the power of art is manifested, which lives and develops in any conditions, changing along with society and time, and often ahead of it. And this is the most important!”

Voting on “Kilogram of Culture” projects was traditionally held in several stages in the LSM.lv portal; 28 nominees were nominated for the final, winter round of voting.

The winners of the competition in each category will receive an honorary prize – the “Kilogram of Culture” statuette by the sculptor Ivars Mikelsons, as well as cash prizes of EUR 1000 from Nakotnes Atbalsta fonds.

Taking the restrictions in force in the country into account, this time the award ceremony will only be held online and will be broadcast live – on 21 February at 9:05 pm on television, on the internet and on radio (LTV1, REPLAY.lv, LR1, LR3 Klasika).


Happy New Year!

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