Works of Art Auction will take place on Saturday

20 May 2021, 13:20

On Saturday, 22 May, a traditional works of art auction, which is the largest in the Baltics and is conducted by Artembassy auction house with the support of Rietumu Bank will take place.

During previous two weeks auction lots have been displayed at the premises of Rietumu Bank for individual look-over (strictly observing all epidemiologic measures).

The auction catalogue can be also found here.

The auction will start at 12 a.m. (Riga time) on the website There is a possibility to take part in the auction also by phone.


Auction of Works of Art at Rietumu

At the end of next week a traditional, largest in the Baltics auction of works of art conducted by auction house Artembassy will be held at Rietumu Bank.

12 May 2021, 12:45 Charity & Sponsorship