Solar panels have been installed on Rietumu Capital Centre

15 August 2022, 13:00

The installation and connection of modern solar panels on the Rietumu Capital Centre (RCC) building is almost complete.

Responding to the current environmental agenda, Rietumu Bank continues its practical work on the implementation of a green policy. The bank is currently completing the installation and commissioning of 228 solar panels that generate electricity on the Rietumu Capital Centre building. In the nearest future, this will enable the bank to reduce its overall energy consumption from the grid and to make a significant contribution to the transition to renewable energy sources.

The installation of solar panels (with a total capacity of more than 120 kilowatts) is dictated by two circumstances: firstly, it is another step in Rietumu Bank's green policy and, secondly, it is a quick response to what is happening in the EU and the world.

The introduction of solar panels is intended to reduce the energy risks that currently concern our society. Our bank believes that installation of solar panels is a real, practical step in the right direction.

Rietumu Capital Centre is a modern office building located in the new, fast-growing business district of Riga. It was designed by architect Viktors Valgums, and won the Riga Architecture Award 2010.

At the time of its completion (2008), RCC was the first high-rise building in Latvia to be constructed according to modern environmental standards and requirements. Minimum of chemical paints and dyes was used during the construction of the building, and the main structure is made of cast-in-place concrete.

RCC applies Le Corbusier's principle of free circulation of people and air, as well as other ideas from the famous Swiss architect: large area of facade glazing, pillar posts supporting the office blocks, free space on the floors, horizontal roof with recreational area, double facades placed in such way that air flows between them. The Rietumu Capital Centre is equipped with a smart climate control system that allows individual climatic parameters to be set at almost every place of the building.


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