Mortgage Application

Add proof of income of the applicant

    • A reference letter from applicant’s employer stating job position and income;
    • A statement of other sources of income and sources of income from other family members;
    • if the income is received in Latvia, a reference from State Revenue Service of the Republic of Latvia about applicant's income and/or the income of other family members that form family budget.
    • We recommend you to plan your loan cautiously so that to direct no more than 50% of your total income to monthly loan repayments.

Photocopy of borrower’s passport

Mortgaged property valuation

Rietumu Bank accepts appraisal of property made by the following companies:

Title Deed or other document proving ownership of the property to be mortgaged

Statement of no public utilities debts of the property to be mortgaged

Statement on persons registered in the property to be mortgaged

If necessary, Rietumu Banka may ask you to submit additional documents.