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Convenience and safety

Self-defined PIN code
Ordering the card via iRietumu, you can choose your own PIN code. The service is available when ordering new, renewed or replaced card. Ability to set your PIN code - is an additional comfort, since you will not have any more trouble remembering a new code each time and the use of the card will be much easier.

Free sms notifications about transactions
M-bank is a system of remote control of the account. You will get information about transactions with your card, that increases the safety of using the card. To sign for M-bank service is very simple and it is free of charge.

3D Secure - a quick and convenient solution for online shopping
Rietumu offers a convenient solution for secure Internet shopping - receiving a unique code in SMS to confirm transactions. Even without having Rietumu ID with you, you will be able quickly and easily make a purchase at e-commerce merchant. The code comes automatically in sms at the time of purchase authorization. To activate the service you need only once to call the Contact Centre by phone +37167025555 or your personal manager, to verify the mobile phone number.

Beneficial conditions for supplementary cards
You can order Gold and Platinum supplementary cards on beneficial conditions. If you are a corporate client, the annual fee for an additional card will be only 50% of the annual fee of the main card. Private client for the issuance of an supplementary card will be charged only a one-time issue fee of 40 euros.

24/7 card account replenishment
You can replenish your card account using Internet banking or through a convenient and secure application for the iPad or iPhone. Your funds will be accessible at any time and you can always make a treasured purchase.Orders received during the closing business day (from 10:30 p.m. till 01.00 a.m.), will be carried out immediately after its completion.

Order several types of cards for different purposes
Rietumu offers you to order a card of two payment systems Visa and MasterCard. You can open a card account in euros and select a card of any level. This can be a gold card or a deluxe payment card coupled with concierge service. By choosing Rietumu card, you will always have at hand the means for any occasions.
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