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New logo

Rietumu introduced its brand new logo.

Ever-changing life around us, business and human psychology, motives and decision-making processes, our inner self – all this is part of such a significant milestone as rebranding, which is considered essential in the worldwide marketing practice. At the same time, there is no law that specifies exact periodicity of rebranding; therefore each company has own internal motives to rebrand.

History of Rietumu logos

The history of Rietumu Bank and its logo includes a set of sequential phases. When the Bank just emerged, the very first logo consisted of two light blue-coloured letters “RB” and was valid until 1995.

Then the inscription “Rietumu Banka” we all got used to emerged. It had been used up until now, having modified slightly. During this period, the newer logo you are familiar with was introduced – it displays two modernised letters “R” and “B” in Optima font, turned in opposite directions.

Authors of this logo emphasised the bank’s Western origin and standards Rietumu is based on. The reason being for this branding emphasis was the ongoing westernisation and transmission of Western values – everything that came from the West during the first half of the 1990s was considered safe, progressive and valuable to adopt. This logo also reflects some features of Scandinavian and German design with its thoroughness and solidity.

In 2003-2004, this logo modified slightly: thinner lines, banked, brighter and lighter letters, flatter shape.

Why do we change the logo?

Why have we decided to change the logo recently? Rietumu has not only grown considerably in 17 years since its inception, but also changed fundamentally. It is a completely different bank at present, much more strong and modern; the bank, which employs hundreds of outstanding professionals and encompasses the wide region from Far East to Western Europe.

Rietumu is not the only bank in Latvia with Western-based capital that follows best Western banking traditions. At the same time, we have become the largest bank of the region owned by local shareholders, who control the bank’s operations entirely.

The bank has refocused its logo in line with the development strategy, priority realms and regions even more firmly. Evidently, many people in Latvia and abroad started to perceive Rietumu as a symbol of effective and successful, concentrated on its aims and priorities, independently developing bank that maintains own uniqueness and avoids copying any kind of strategic modifications at all costs; as a bank that always makes customers the top priority. Reliability, effectiveness and efficient implementation of ambitious plans are among our main business values.

What does the new logo reflect?

Herewith are listed main ideas graphically reflected in the bank’s new logo.

Individuality. Personalised service and tailored attitude to every customer – the core standards of the bank, our strategy of making customised solutions represented in the handwritten font, symbolising the bank’s personal signature.

Modernity and ease. The notion of “modernity” comprises a number of different factors, such as customs, styles, fashion, and a variety of other social tendencies. In our view, the logo is modern enough from this perspective.

Stability. The new logo has the firm, stable base, which symbolises reliability and trustworthiness of the bank. Rietumu has always pursued balanced and conservative strategy, whereas stability is the cornerstone concept allowing us to operate successfully in any economic situation.

Safety. Encirclement around the “R” letter is like a shell that secures inner contents and protects from threats of external environment, ensuring safety; stable shape that withstands any pressure.

Succession. Featured in our traditionally blue-coloured “R” letter. This colour has been integral in Rietumu Bank’s style for a number of years, symbolising freedom, expansion, urban class; psychologically comfortable, natural colour.

Brand values. Elegance, beauty, exquisiteness, delicacy… Similar to an emblem of a luxury car, expensive jewellery or other items commonly associated with quality, well-being, handicraft and success.

Focus. The new logo does not contain the word “bank” (although it can be added in texts, when necessary), thus we focus on “Rietumu”. Nowadays many banks whether abbreviate, e.g. STB, HSBC, or highlight a proper noun, e.g. Barclays, Fortis.

It will certainly take some time to get used to our new logo, to see somewhat precious and dear in it. We wish you will love it.

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