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“Energy of Femininity” from Ilze Laizane at the Rietumu Bank Gallery

09-Apr-2014 A personal exhibition of the modern Latvian artist Ilze Laizane has opened at the Rietumu Bank Gallery. The exhibition named “Energy of Femininity” presents the eight latest works of the artist, where she depicts her vision and understanding of a woman, her image and sensitive energy.

Ilze Laizane graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia several years ago and she has already gained popularity among Latvian connoisseurs of art. Over the years Ilze has taken part in dozens of exhibitions and art shows, both in Latvia and abroad; she has had several personal exhibitions as well.

In her art, Ilze Laizane adheres to the spirit of realistic tradition, getting inspiration from the surrounding world and nature. Her works are made in an unusual manner, combining graphic drawing and oil. Saturated, layered combinations of colours create an illusory sensation of deep space, where the sophisticated energy of femininity unfolds. All the canvases are thoroughly thought over and developed; one feels the author’s energy in them – her harmony, emotionality, sensuality.

“These works are my attempt to understand women and to feel their essence. Certainly, no one can do it to the full degree, but it is the way which is of importance to me, rather than the goal. The paintings largely reveal me – my sensations, emotions and my vision of a female image. They have all turned out to be full of vigour, even slightly mystical – in the process of creation my characters were revealing their individual character, as if they came out from my brush themselves, differing considerably from my initial idea,” acknowledged Ilze Laizane at the opening of her exhibition.

The exhibition of Ilze Laizane at Rietumu Gallery will run till 21 April. It will be open on weekdays from 9:00-18.00; admission free.

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