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DANCE DANCE at the Rietumu Gallery

07-Oct-2013 From 17 July the exhibition DANCE DANCE, by one of the most fashionable and original Russian artists Mikhail Molochnikov, will open at the Rietumu Art Gallery in Riga. It is the first art project of the recognised master of Avant garde in the Baltics. The curator of the project is the fine art expert Evgeniya Kiseleva.

Mikhail Molochnikov has had over 200 personal and collective exhibitions in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Washington, New York, Paris, Zurich, London, Tokyo, Vienna, Edinburgh and many other cities in Europe and the USA.

Mikhail Molochnikov is a member of the International Federation of Arts (IFA) (1996) and Bundesverband Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler (BBK) (2004). His works can be found in collections of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg, as well as different museums and galleries of art in Russia, Germany, Finland, Egypt, Macedonia, Switzerland, France, Austria, Slovenia, Luxembourg and the USA.

The exhibition at the art gallery of Rietumu will become the artist’s first encounter with the Baltics. The exhibition will present his collages, drawings and art objects dedicated to the magical line of dance which unites all of man’s movements in the universe.

In the artist’s concept, this global dance is a means of self-expression and unity with the universe. ‘Compositions of the artist contain a mirror-world, and one step is enough to find oneself on the other side of reality, in the world of spiritual and mysterious entities, characteristic of the world of Borges and Nabokov. The artist’s tools include dreams, free associations, the highlighting of fundamental layers of the subconscious, an invasion into the most secret and deep psychic fields. There is a real commonality of images, which at times obtains a universal scale, generating mandala images,’ writes Russian critic Vitaly Patsukov about the art of Mikhail Molochnikov.

According to the project curator Evgeniya Kiseleva, ‘Involvement in the European art context and a familiarity with the ritual creativity of the native peoples of Australia and Africa makes Molochnikov’s artistic language distinctive and instantly recognisable. The artistic system employed by this author is conceptually linked to post-Modernism, its playing with myths and its reinterpretation of irrational forces.’

At Rietumu gallery, around 40 works of the artist will be on display: drawings created with the aid of carving on rice paper with a knife, antennae-objects, books, masks, collages and the “Alphabet” mini-exhibition.

The DANCE DANCE exhibition will be open at Rietumu Gallery until 2 August.
Address: Vesetas iela 7, Riga

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