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“2D →” International Glass Exhibition at the Rietumu Bank Gallery

05-Dec-2014 The international glass exhibition, “2D →” , has opened at the Rietumu Bank Gallery. Over thirty works by modern authors from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Scandinavia are on show.

The main idea behind the exhibition is to acquaint art connoisseurs with creations by artists who work with sheet glass, turning it into objects of art.

By using different methods, sheet glass is transformed into flat (2D) or volumetric works of art. The exhibition is a vehicle for presenting works that employ conceptual trends with a visual-decorative or graphic character. “It is a very rare opportunity to get acquainted with these very unique works at an exhibition,” notes Barbala Gulbe, the exhibition curator on the Latvian side of things. “In order to organise an exhibition, ideas and courage are required, along with a vision of how this could be done and the opportunity to carry it out.”

An idea for preparing and arranging such an exhibition originated as far back as 2012 with the Lithuanian painter, Daliya Truskayte. At that time, works by painters took part in a tour of a large number of cities around Lithuania and the exhibition aroused a great deal of interest on the part of the public.

“Works by Scandinavian masters can rarely be seen at exhibitions in the Baltic region, and Scandinavian glass was always famous due to its unique design, style and quality,” noted Barbala Gulbe.

The team of exhibition organisers includes Daliya Truskayte (Lithuania), Kati Kerstna (Estonia), and Barbala Gulbe (Latvia), with the participation of representatives from Sweden and Denmark. A total of 37 works by various artists have been selected for the exhibition, twelve of which are from Nordic countries.

The exposition is being held in cooperation with the Union of Artists of Lithuania, the Association of Glass from Estonia, and the Riga Glass Gallery (a branch of the Agija Suna Gallery).

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