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Ina Voroncova’s Free Dreams at the Rietumu Bank Gallery

An exhibition by Ina Voroncova, a recognised sculptor and painter from Riga, entitled “ Sapтot atпauts (“Allowed to Dream”) has opened at the Rietumu Bank Art Gallery.

Ina Voroncova is a multi-skilled artist. She creates original sculptural compositions, amongst which there are a good deal of minor forms, fine filigree works made of metal. She paints pictures, works in the graphic genre, and is also engaged in jewellery design and exclusive interior decoration.

Ina Voroncova has been interested in art, and specifically in sculpture, since her childhood. Having graduated from the Applied Arts College in Riga, she continued her education at the Moscow State University of Printing Arts, majoring in graphics.

The painter has been participating at exhibitions since 1979. Her works have been exhibited in Latvia, Germany, France, Japan, Switzerland, Russia and Estonia. Many of them are now kept in private collections in some of these countries, as well as in the Ministry of Culture of Russia and at other institutions.

As noted by fine art experts, Ina Voroncova is distinguished by a fine feeling for material and her ability to work with it in a masterly fashion. Her creations open a door into the world of hopes and dreams, faith and love, all of those core items that it is so important to retain during one’s entire life.

“How do I see my work? It’s a process of life: what we are when we enter it and what we are when we leave it. Everyone decides for themselves where the entrance is and where the exit is. You can enter via a direct path but can leave through a crooked one, or vice versa. It is a sort of mincing machine, similar to our lives themselves, something that straightens out one person but warps another. And everyone chooses their own version,” said Ina Voroncova previously when asked about her art.

Visitors to the exhibition can get a glimpse of the world created by the painter and can freely dream, at the Rietumu Bank Gallery between 09:00 and 17:00 until 13 May.

Admission is free, as always.

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