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Safety Settings

First of all, upgrade your browser to the last version and enter the settings provided below.

1. For Internet Explorer:
Untick the parameters SSL v2 and SSL v3 in the Internet Explorer security settings.

2. For FireFox:
– adjust the browser configuration at about:config by installing the security.tls.version.min parameter to the value “1” or
– configure the browser with the help of the extension SSL VersionControl (addons.mozilla.org).

3. For Google Chrome:
– The browser should be started with the key “--ssl-version-min=tls1”.

4. For Safari:
– Install the update Security Update 2014-005 (www.apple.com) recently released by Apple.
You can check whether your browser is configured in the right way and whether or not it is subject to the revealed vulnerability at the following addresses: www.poodletest.com, www.ssllabs.com.
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