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Abstract Graphic Art in the Rietumu Gallery

The exhibition “Abstraction in Graphic Art” , which has opened in the Rietumu Bank Art Gallery, presents works of dozens of Latvian authors working in different techniques of graphic art painting.

This is the first exhibition of such a scale in Latvia and the Baltic region, which has gathered together works of masters of graphic art painting done in the abstract art genre.

The selection of works and formation of the collection presented at the exhibition was performed by experts of the professional artistic union “Graphic Chamber” with the support of the Baltic International Academy.

The exhibition provides an opportunity to get acquainted with works of 30 Latvian artists, both modern and belonging to older generations, among them being Artur Nikitin, Andris Abilevs, Ilze Libiete, Nikolai Krivoshein, Lasma Pujate, Imants Krecis and other authors. Works of these artists can be found in museums and different collections in Latvia and abroad. Many of the exhibition participants regularly represent this country at international festivals and are winners of prestigious biennials and triennials.

“Graphic art of Latvia is traditionally on a very high artistic level. Our authors are widely recognised in the world, their works are exhibited in different museums. However, it is the first time that such a wide-scale exhibition has been arranged. Therefore the current exposition can be distinguished as a really unique one. This is a big event for connoisseurs of this genre and a real holiday for us – artists,” noted the exhibition curator and artist Valentin Danilenko at the vernissage.

Simultaneously with the Riga exhibition, works of Latvian graphic artists are presented at an exhibition in Russia, at the Vrubel Museum in Omsk. Being named “A Gift to the Museum. Graphic Art of Russian and Latvian Painters. 1960 – 2010”, it presents about 200 works of the best masters of graphic art.

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