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Outbound transfers with Rietumu ID

This service allows simple, yet fully secure possibility to make domestic and international transfers just by calling a Bank.

How Does It Work?

  1. Complete a template with beneficiary details («Payment with authorization application») which you want to make available for this service;
  2. Set the setting the daily limit for the beneficiary: maximum - 200 000 EUR;
  3. Submit the signed template: via Internet Banking system, by fax with a Test Key or personally at the Bank;
  4. To make transfer based on the above template, call the 24h customer service, name the beneficiary, amount and one-time password. The funds will be debited at once, intra-bank transfers are real-time, while external transfers are processed according to standard business hours. You may also adjust transaction narrative details or change priority of the transfer;
How Secure is The Service?
  • By completing the beneficiary details, you're signing them either remotely with an electronic signature (or test key) or personally at the Bank. Electronic signature preserves the integrity and consistency of the beneficiary details as well as limits specified;
  • The authorities of the person initiating transaction, as well as the person who signed the template with the beneficiary details are automatically validated every time you make such transfer;
  • It is up to you to choose the limit for transfers towards the beneficiary specified; It is out of the bank's control to change the limit without re-signing the template;
  • Every transfer based on template is authorized with one-time password from the customer's Digipass token, thus it is not possible to initiate a transfer without one;
  • The Bank's employee cannot use templates that are not intended for the account, currency or channel selected by the client;
  • The Bank's employee cannot alter the beneficiary details, specified in template;


  • The service is available to owners of Rietumu ID identification sets;
  • The source accounts could be current as well as card accounts;
  • The transaction is completed only when the sufficient amount of funds is available in the account at the time of transaction;
  • The service is available daily, including weekends and holidays (with exception on daily banking end of day procedures from 21.30 to 00:30, Riga Time);
  • Standard rates for transactions via remote banking channels apply.
24h Customer Service
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