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Rietumu Bank’s cooperation with Latvian museums has started from the publishing of French porcelain catalogue

26-Jun-2017, 17:45 / Charity & Sponsorship This year in all senses is the anniversary year for Rietumu Bank. The Bank is going to celebrate its 25 th anniversary, and Bank’s Charity fund - its 10 th year anniversary. 10 years ago, in the year when the fund was founded, the Bank has started extensive cooperation with Latvian Museums of Art.

During this time Rietumu Bank has supported more than a dozen of exhibitions, which were held on different museum sites.

It is worth mentioning as a separate point the exhibition of Sevres porcelain from France held in Riga in 2007 with the support of Bank as well as the publishing of catalogue, devoted to unique products of Sevres manufactory, which operates in France to the present day. This laid the foundation of fine arts catalogues publishing program: in the following years with the support of Bank there has been published a wide range of such books upon which it can be judged about different directions of the World Art.

In fact, from the time of its establishment in 1740 up to the present day Sevres manufactory has been under the patronage of government and a national honor of France. Manufactory has been a witness of many historical events: here the porcelain for King Louie XV has been manufactured, and subsequently manufactory was granted with the official status of royalty and became main supplier of porcelain to Palace of Versailles. Sevres porcelain exemplifies the premium quality, delicate taste and elegance. Up to the present day it is made only manually and in one-two exemplars, in addition, each product is distinguished by its original design and is a real masterpiece.

Catalogue devoted to Sevres manufactory has been recognized as the most beautiful book of the year in Latvia, such a decision has been made by competent specialists on the basis of contest results. Subsequently in association with Rietumu Bank the following books have been published: “The Collection of XX Century Belgian Art of Museum of Foreign Art”, “Art Nouveau and Art Deco in the Netherlands”; “Silver Age. Masterpieces of Russian Art from the museum collections of the Baltic States. 1890-1930”, reflecting the development of painting within the period of 40 years; “Piranesi. Antique Rome”, which allows to make a conclusion about ancient Romanesque architecture, and others.

In the nearest future with the support of Rietumu Bank a new catalogue devoted to works of Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky from Latvian and Germanic collections is going to be published.

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