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New version of iRietumu for iPhone and iPad is already available in AppStore

24-Apr-2017, 13:04 / Products & Services Recently, there was an update of application iRietumu HD for iOS added to AppStore. The new version enables you to order additional payment cards for a third party and to browse the payment history with a selected partner.

The customers of Rietumu Bank already using application iRietumu HD will find the popular service, ordering a payment card for a third party, even more comfortable.

Through the application for iPhone and iPad, the procedure for ordering a payment card for a third party has become much simpler: the customer will be able to order it by means of the application, whereas a user of that card will only need to come to a representative office of the Bank to receive it.

Moreover, private individuals can now choose just like the legal entities either to “attach” an additional card to one of their card accounts or to open a new, separate account for that additional card.

It should be noted that private individuals order payment cards for members of their family and relatives more often, but legal entities order payment cards for the employees of their company.

Also, a new version of iRietumu HD for iOS allows you to open a list of all other payments with a selected sender (or recipient) of funds from the payment details. It is convenient to estimate the balance of payments with that partner or the amount of money spent at a specific outlet when working with card accounts.

The application remains simple and easy to use without compromises in operational security. The methods of protection used are constantly updated.

To access new features, update the application iRietumuHD on your smartphones/ tablets through the AppStore.

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