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Rietumu Bank Has Celebrated its 25th Anniversary in Jurmala

19-Jul-2017, 13:43 / Products & Services Last weekend Jurmala was the venue for the official celebrations of the 25th anniversary of Rietumu Bank .

Hundreds of honourary guests from different countries arrived to congratulate the bank and celebrate this remarkable event together.

The festivities were opened on Saturday with a big reception in the famous Dzintari Concert Hall. Arriving guests were met in person by one of the founders of Rietumu Bank, Deputy Chairman of the Council of the bank Arkady Suharenko, President Alexander Pankov and Members of the Board of the bank.

More than 700 guests arrived to the Rietumu Bank’s jubilee - clients, friends and partners of the bank from all over the world: high net worth business people from Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, the USA, Switzerland, EU countries, as well as recognised artists, politicians and diplomats. Partners of Rietumu Bank in the field of charity also arrived - for them this is a double jubilee, as this year Rietumu Charity Fund celebrates its 10th anniversary.

The festivities started with a big concert, in which world opera stars took part, accompanied by an orchestra conducted by maestro Konstantin Orbelyan. The concert programme included popular arias and instrumental fragments from operas by Puccini, Bellini, Rossini, Bizet and Gounod. During the evening, guests of the party enjoyed performances of remarkable artists of the classical opera repertoire from the USA - one of the most popular bel canto singers Lawrence Brownlee and the gorgeous coloratura soprano Sarah Coburn. They were joined by the young Ukrainian singer Dmitro Popov, whose career is experiencing a meteoric rise, as well as outstanding Latvian opera soloists: Kristоne Opolais, who sings leading roles on the world’s best opera stages, and a remarkable singer, whose interpretation of Wagner’s music can be heard in opera houses of Berlin, Vienna, Geneva, London and Paris this year.

The concert programme compiler and moderator was the famous actor, director and long-term director of the Latvian National Opera Andrejs Žagars. When opening the concert, he congratulated shareholders and founders of the bank Leonid Esterkin and Arkady Suharenko, who were sitting together with guests. “Rietumu is one of the few independent national banks with private Latvian capital. And up to this day, its shareholders have been the same people who established this bank a quarter of a century ago, as far back as in the early 1990s,” said Andrejs Žagars.

As Leonid Esterkin emphasised in his welcoming speech, which was addressed to the guests, “We are glad to see our friends, partners and clients here - those who have been with us during all these years, who have shared the happy moments of victories with us and supported us in hard times. You are the ones who have largely contributed to our achievements and success.

In our strategy and daily work, we have always proceeded from the fact that the bank can only grow and develop together with the businesses of its clients. Therefore, from the very start, we tried to build long-term and trust-based relations with our clients and treat them as serious partners.”

After the concert, a gala reception was held in the park around the concert hall and later, after dark, in the historical closed Dzintari Hall, which has recently been reconstructed, the favourite of the Latvian and Russian public, charismatic musician and singer Intars Busulis, performed.

The next day, on Sunday, the festivities continued in one of the best restaurants of Jurmala, located right on the beach - Legend. Beach.

On these days even the weather prepared a gift to the bank and its guests. On a gorgeous warm Saturday evening and sunny Sunday, Jurmala had a special charm. Its summer air was filled with the unique atmosphere of the intelligent Baltic resort, the effect of which compels many of its guests to return to Jurmala again and again.

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