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“Effect of Presence” at Rietumu

12-Feb-2019, 13:19 / Charity & Sponsorship The exhibition “Effect of Presence” of a painter from Riga Viktorija Matisone has opened at Rietumu Bank’s Gallery.

The presented works were created by the painter during the last two years.

Viktorija Matisone is convinced that painting requires the presence of a spectator and their co-authorship, and oil paint is an ideal carrier for deep colour experiences. In this exposition, a spectator will find paintings of a large format, where one can travel in the mountains and in the forest, but this forest is cognitive and is created by a man’s wish.

“What is a man – this is what every person decides for himself, and everyone discovers something new about it in the course of their life,” said Viktorija Matisone. “Social networks have opened the ‘effect of presence’ of something in your life for us. We impress each other and this impressionism is continuing. What is love – isn’t it the most powerful effect of presence of someone in your life? An object changes while being observed and the observer changes this presence. If we are not aware of this, we are not masters of our lives. And when we realise this, we are capable of regulating the share of presence and, respectively, its influence on us, both psychologically and physically.”

The exhibition will run until 22 February; opening hours - Mon-Fri 9.00 am to 6:00 pm.
As always, admission is free.

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