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Head of PayPal Russia has joined the eCom21 Conference Speakers Lineup

12-Oct-2015 / Charity & Sponsorship There is new information about the main speakers list at the eCom21 conference. It has recently been confirmed that the President of I-Fact Services Limited Derry John-Collins and representative of the British regulator FCA UK will participate in the conference. A few days ago, Vladimir Malyugin - Chairman of the Board of PayPal Russia, joined the “star” speaker group.

Mr. Malyugin is the chairman of the Board of PayPal in Russia – he runs PayPal business in this market and is responsible for ensuring the growth and active business development. Before joining PayPal, he held a post of the General Manager of HTC Middle East and Africa, and before that he was responsible for marketing in the EMEA region for HTC in London. During the period from 2007 to 2009, Mr. Malyugin held a number of posts at the Polaroid Consumer Electronics Europe in London, including a position of a vice president of marketing, products and services. Previously Vladimir Malyugin also managed the business development and marketing at Eastman Kodak and held a number of senior positions in high technology and communication companies.

Vladimir Malyugin gained his MBA degree at the University of Cambridge, UK, and a degree in management at the Russian Academy of National Economy.

Mr. Malyugin will speak on the first day of the eCom21 international forum during the first section "Banks and Non-Banks". In his numerous interviews, the Head of PayPal Russia has noted that users need their payments to be convenient, easy and fast. PayPal is a sign of confidence and a sign of quality for users, allowing them to make safe purchases.

PayPal is a large international electronic payment system. It allows customers to pay bills and purchases, send and receive remittances. This summer, PayPal separated completely from the eBay online auction, which had bought it in 2002 for $ 1.5 bln. Shares of eBay and PayPal are traded separately at the NASDAQ stock exchange and today the PayPal and eBay giants are moving in opposite directions: PayPal payment system demonstrates the growth in revenues and the eBay online auction has focused on the development of business processes and asset optimization.

We remind you that this year the eCom21 conference will be held in Riga on November 19-20.

eCom21 – is the largest international forum in the Baltic countries regarding online businesses. Hundreds of participants from the Baltic countries, Central, Eastern and Western Europe, the CIS, Asia and other regions of the world visit this conference annually.

The subject of this conference is “eCom21 – Processing. Acceptance of Payments. E-commerce Evolution”. Forum participants will discuss perspectives of new payment institutions operating online, as well as the changing role of banks in the modern word of electronic payment services.

The conference is held under the auspices of the Rietumu bank, with the support of Elektronniye Dengi association.

The general partner of eCom21 is the international provider of payment solutions ECommPay; information partners are the Russian media holding company RBC and the financial portal Banks.eu.

For more detailed information about the forum go to the conference website ecom21.com/en and https://www.facebook.com/en.Ecom21

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