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President of Latvia Congratulates the Best Medical Nurses

11-Apr-2016 / Charity & Sponsorship On Friday President of Latvia Raimonds Vejonis presented certificates of gratitude to the best medical nurses of the Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital – winners of the annual contest “Our Search for the Best Nurse”.

The contest patroness is the First Lady of Latvia, Iveta Vejone. Its organisers are Rietumu Charity Fund jointly with the Diena newspaper.

The official reception was held in the House of the Blackheads. The President cordially thanked the nurses for their hard work. “It is your day today, and I would very much like you to stay in a really festive mood,” said the head of state, reminding everyone that he had recently been a patient of Pauls Stradins Hospital himself.

In turn, the contest patroness Iveta Vejone noted that only relatives and friends of patients can deservedly evaluate the big work done by nurses and its true value.

Nurses were also congratulated by the Deputy Chairman of the Rietumu Bank Council Arkady Suharenko and Chairperson of the Board of Rietumu Charity Fund Inga Sina.

“During the year our fund supports over a hundred different projects. But when I am asked which of them appeals to me most, I always say that this is “Our Search for the Best Nurse”. The amount of human warmth and gratitude that occurs during the implementation of this contest, can hardly be imagined anywhere else. Therefore, on behalf of all of the organisers of this campaign and on my behalf as well, I would like to express our cordial gratitude to all nurses for their hard and dedicated work!” said Inga Sina.

The campaign “Our Search for the Best Nurse” took place for three months and was completed on 10 December 2015. Upon its completion, the selected 25 best medical nurses traditionally receive cash bonuses from Rietumu Charity Fund in the amount of EUR 700 after taxes.

This contest has become the fifth in succession. As usual, all interested persons could take part in the voting – both current and former patients of Pauls Stradins Hospital , as well as their friends and family members. Forms could be completed on the hospital stands and on the diena.lv website.

In total, this time 4500 persons took part in the voting, selecting 21 best nurses. The remaining four nurses from surgical and anaesthesia departments, whose work patients cannot evaluate, were selected by the hospital administration.

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