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Rietumu Asset Management: new investments in progress and reliability

21-Apr-2016 / Products & Services
      Rietumu Asset Management (RAM) presents two new investment products - «Industry 4.0» and «Target Maturity Bonds».

      These are unique, topical portfolios that allow for investing in future technologies and reliable bonds.

      “Our clients are already widely using topical investment products with great potential. We continue to broaden the variety of these options which are understandable for the investors and also interesting in terms of profitability,” – says RAM expert Yury Moskaliuk.

      The new basket «Industry 4.0» offers the opportunity to generate return from our common human progress. It is composed of publicly traded stocks of companies that work in biotechnology, nanotechnology, AI, cloud computing, cyber security, e-commerce and related hi-tech sectors from around the globe – from North America to Western and Eastern Europe, to Asia, Oceania and Africa. These are both major well-established companies, as well as smaller-scale prospective players with a good growth outlook.

      Indicative portfolio return for the period of 2005 thru 2016 starts at 10.6% p.a.. The minimum investment threshold is 100,000 USD, with a recommended portfolio holding period of least 3 years.

      The individual bonds portfolio «Target Maturity Bonds» was specifically developed for large investors. This is a great opportunity to ensure steady growth of investments and simultaneously generate a steady income stream.

      Benefits of the portfolio:
      * stability and predictability
      * predefined investment exit date
      * predefined portfolio return
      * risk diversification
      * possibility for additional bank financing

      The «Target Maturity Bonds» portfolio consists of bonds issued by major companies in global markets, with a special focus on companies based in North America. The minimum investment threshold is 500,000 USD.

      One should mention that in their analytical review dedicated to the outlook of investments in bonds, RAM experts caution about turbulence ahead on financial markets due to the upcoming USA presidential elections. It is possible to “wait out” this period by having assets in quality bonds with a maturity period of 1-3 years. The review also gives a few examples of the promising short-term bonds in different sectors of the economy, and includes specific terms of financing for investors.

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