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The Most Advanced Processing Centre DECTA Launched in the Baltic States

26-May-2015 / Charity & Sponsorship The new DECTA processing centre specialized on handling international online business has been launched in Riga.

Regarding the range of the services offered and the level of technology solutions applied, DECTA is the most advanced and progressive centre for servicing online business in the Baltic States.

It took about a year to create DECTA centre. The official announcement of the final stage of works aimed at the establishment of the processing centre was made by Rietumu representatives at the previous "eCom21" conference held in Riga in the autumn of 2014; all major engineering works were completed soon afterwards. To date the processing centre provides its customers with full-fledged and trouble-free services.

According to DECTA management, banks, non-banking financial institutions, IPSP, and online traders from Baltic and EU states, CIS countries, and other parts of the world are going to become customers of the centre.

DECTA offers ready-for-use technology solutions, provides trouble-free service, as well as easy and user-friendly integration.

Currently DECTA provides full servicing on payment card online transactions for Rietumu Bank. The company is planning to become a leader of this kind of transaction service in the Baltic.

DECTA software and technologies have been developed in cooperation with one of the leading IT companies of the Northern Europe “Tieto” and “Oracle” – international computer technology development corporation. There is also a team of highly qualified experts in DECTA having broad experience in payment card business.

According to the first Vice-President of Rietumu Bank Ruslan Stecyuk: "This is the first time such progressive technological solutions as offered by DECTA are implemented in the Baltic. As a regional leader in e-commerce servicing, our bank makes every effort to provide our customers with innovative services. That is why conducting transactions via processing centre like DECTA is our great competitive advantage".

For more detailed information please visit www.decta.com .

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