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Tendering of applications for the competition “Sacred Heritage of Latvia” begins

11-Mar-2019, 18:01 / Charity & Sponsorship On March 11 this year, the tendering of applications for the Rietumu Charity Fund’s competition “Sacred Heritage of Latvia” began, with churches invited to register architectural and art heritage objects for restoration and conservation for the years to come. The registration of projects in the competition will continue until April 15. The competition “Sacred Heritage of Latvia” is organized in cooperation with the National Cultural Heritage Administration.

The Rietumu Charity Fund is organizing its support project for sacred architecture and art heritage for the eighth consecutive year, with over 45 church heritage objects conserved and restored during these years. Applications for the fund’s support can be submitted for the restoration of stained-glass panels, chandeliers, organs and altarpieces, urgent renovation works, the restoration of domes and rooster weathervanes and the conservation of altarpieces, chandeliers, etc. The maximum support for a project is up to EUR 5,000, while the competition’s total funding is EUR 25,000.

“The conservation of sacred architecture and art is highly important in order to ensure that Latvia’s cultural and historical heritage can be passed on to the generations to come. This is appreciated not only by religious people and seekers of peace, but also connoisseurs of history, architecture and art. It is therefore important to take care of Latvia’s sacred heritage. So far, we have been supporting various religious denominations in Latvia. Last year, for example, we provided our support to Lestene Evangelical Lutheran Church, Palsmane Evangelical Lutheran Church, Aloja Evangelical Lutheran Church, Jelgava St Simeon’s and St. Anna’s Orthodox Cathedral, Kampišķi Old-Believers Prayer House, Kuldīga Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church and Silene Roman Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I am calling on congregations to apply and preserve Latvia’s sacral pride together also this year,” says Inga Shina, Chairperson of the Board of Rietumu Charity Fund.

Eligible for the support is any Latvia-registered religious organization or association owning or possessing protected cultural heritage objects of local or national importance. The applications are reviewed by the jury of “Sacred Heritage of Latvia” comprised of four members: two representatives of the Rietumu Charity Fund and two representatives of the National Cultural Heritage Administration.

To apply for the competition, it is necessary to fill out the application form.

The rules of the competition are available here.

The list of the projects that have won the funding will be published on the Rietumu Charity Fund’s website www.rblf.lv and the National Culture Heritage Administration’s website www.mantojums.lv.

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