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eCom21 Forum: traditionally – in Riga, innovatively – for e-commerce

05-Sep-2016 / Products & Services On 17 and 18 November 2016, the capital of Latvia will host the largest international gathering on e-commerce in the Baltics – eCom21, which will be held for the fifth consecutive year.

The eCom21 conference has been held annually under the patronage of Rietumu Bank since 2012. During this period, it has welcomed thousands of leading players and experts of online business from more than 45 countries.

The conference this year will be distinct from the previous conferences thanks to its expanded programme and in-depth focus on several key areas.

Attention will fall on the iconic topic of the development of the internet economy, its issues and prospects, particularly for the region. It will address critical issues such as state and international regulation, taxation of the digital economy, transformation of legal structures, regional and sectoral specifics, current risks and control over them.

Separately, the fascinating area of e-commerce start-ups and SMEs will be discussed: this sphere has shown an impressive surge of investment and a marked increase in profits over recent years, and delegates will have the opportunity to meet with industry disruptors and innovators.
A central theme for the 2016 conference is how players in the internet economy can become the new drivers of economic growth in the EU and the region.

The conference format features some updates, including more panel discussions and specialised workshops, with the participation, as always, of leading experts and professional moderators.

James Wilmott, Programme Director for eCom21 says: “We are living in a period of considerable economic disruption and evolution, with digital playing a key role. As such, the e-commerce sector and its associated industries stands to benefit greatly, and are already driving economic growth and creating new jobs, new services and most interestingly, transforming how traditional businesses operate. eCom21 works to help participants understand this digital transformation and how they can shape, capitalise and benefit from these shifts. 2016 will be an exciting year for eCom21 and all those attending!”

During the breaks and after the end of the working sessions, the forum participants will have the opportunity to obtain and consolidate new contacts, participate in networking, and enjoy an abundant leisure programme.

“This year, eCom21 celebrates its fifth anniversary. For a conference dedicated to an innovative sphere it is a considerable length of time. Over the years, eCom21 has established itself as an authoritative international platform, which successfully combines high-quality professional content, excellent opportunities for the development of business relationships and a comprehensive cultural programme. The continued importance and key role of the conference lies in building relations between business communities of the East and West as well as promoting the exchange of experience and ideas both in the course of the conference and after it. We are pleased that each year we gather a significant number of participants and speakers who are, indeed, the most prominent names in the industry. I am sure that, among other things, the success of our conference supports the growth of the international authority and business reputation of Latvia and the whole region,” says Ilya Shevchenko, Executive Director of eCom21.

The gala dinner is traditionally held on the second day of the conference, which this year coincides with a public holiday – the Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia (1918). On this occasion, Riga will be festively decorated and illuminated with millions of lights as part of the Light Festival, and spectacularly beautiful fireworks will thunder above the Daugava Embankment on the evening of November 18.

The Organising Committee offers everyone the opportunity to follow all the current news of the forum, its programme, which is constantly being developed and refined, as well as the list of the leading speakers and partners. All news will be available on the conference website and the official pages of eCom21 in social networks.

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