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"Art – the Territory of Feelings"

22-Jun-2017, 17:24 / Products & Services Apella, the Real Estate division of Rietumu bank, intends to continue supporting exhibitions and other thematic events dedicated to the history of styles and today's applied arts.

Recently, with great success in the Rietumu gallery was held an exhibition of watercolors by Alina Lesova, a young Petersburg artist. Her works are housed in museums and private collections in Russia, the United States, France, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Poland, regularly exhibited in the galleries of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Europe, America.

"This exposition became second project on our court. The first was the photo exhibition "Style Art Deco in the architecture of Riga", which was held with particular success and having opened to many Riga residents a true terra incognita in their native city. It used to be assumed the architecture of Art Deco can be seen in France, Belgium, the United States, but not in Riga, just in 100 meters from Rietumu office, "says Maria Sukharenko, head of the Apella Real Estate Bank division. - And now here is the beautiful bright exhibition of Alina. Very often clients contact us with a request of new apartments in spring and summer. It is wise decision to have good art in modern stylish house, in our opinion. We want people bought our accommodation to live in it beautifully and comfortably. And we are ready to conduce not only as realtors, but also as good friends. "

In addition to these exhibitions, with the support of Rietumu and Apella a series of lectures "Art – the Territory of Feelings" was held in Riga in 2016-17, which was presented by Svetlana Ershova - Hermitage employee, invited lecturer from the Russian Museum , candidate of art criticism, member of the criticism section of the Union of Artists of Russia .

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