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ReputationTime Conference Has Been Successfully Held in Riga

16-May-2016 / Products & Services Last Friday the second ReputationTime conference was held in Riga with the support of Rietumu Bank. In total, several events devoted to issues of leadership and reputation were held within the framework of the joint project with ReputationTime, including master classes in the premises of Rietumu Capital Centre.

The international European conference was first held in Paris in January 2013. Since then it has proven to be the brightest platform for discussing problems and prospects in the reputational segment of management. The conference provides its participants with a possibility to look more deeply into the concept of “reputation” and track mechanisms which are involved in this process, including based on the specific situation in the Baltic countries.

The ReputationTime 2016 conference took place in a symbolic place: Ziemelblazma Palace of Culture in Riga. The event was focused on leadership, qualities and specific features of a business leader; the subject of brands was touched upon as well. Speakers considered values of countries and territories, helped to understand how to behave in order to win and capture the hearts of people, including by using their own examples. The speakers included representatives of different business areas: from media products – Editor in Chief of Forbes Russia Nickolay Uskov, charity projects – Mitya Aleshkovskiy from the fund «Нужна помощь» (Russia) up to recognised brands – Robert Salmon (France), Vice-President of L’Oreal and many others.

Christophe Ginisty, the world-known Social Media and Digital Transformation Expert, Marketing Content Strategy and International PR specialist, Head of Digital and Senior Director at FTI Consulting EU, one of the organisers of the biggest event in the field of reputational management, noted: ‘It is hard for me to judge the level of the event, but I can say precisely that I try to invite those speakers who will make people think after their presentations. Not all of them are equally good, but each has something to say. During the conference, I urge everyone to try, act, move towards success, doubt and destroy unnecessary doubts. And when thinking about leadership and reputation, there is one significant moment to start with: you need to have a story to tell.’

About 400 business leaders, professionals in communications and marketing, top managers of big companies and businesses, as well as talented students from the Baltics and Europe, took part in the event. The working language of the conference was English; still, on the sidelines one could hear people speaking Latvian, Russian and German.

ReputationTime is established to inspire participants through invited speakers and their stories, prepare people and their business for a different strategy with account of new technological opportunities. The conference, in cooperation with the management company in reputation “Lejiņa&Šleiers”, is organised by the non-governmental organisation Nordic Reputation Institute, the official bank is Rietumu.

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