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Rietumu Bank Presents an Exhibition of Latvian Painter Artis Bute in Voronezh

30-Mar-2015 / Charity & Sponsorship On 26 March an exhibition of the recognised modern Latvian painter Artis Bute opened in Voronezh. The exposition is presented by Rietumu Bank jointly with the creative agency Polden.

Artis Bute is one of those modern Latvian painters who is well known abroad. His works have been exhibited in Russia and other CIS countries – during recent years there have been several personal exhibitions in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Pskov and Baku.

Exhibitions of Artis Bute in Russia have always been a success. Thus, his previous exhibition “Interludes with Oneself” in Saint Petersburg was visited by numerous representatives of the local diplomatic and consular corps, entrepreneurs, owners of a number of well-known galleries, painters and other art connoisseurs.

The exhibition in Voronezh presents works in the art nouveau style painted during the last four years, as well as, according to the author’s tradition, pictures inspired by the city where his exhibition is held.

“This is not the first exhibition of Artis Bute beyond the borders of Latvia, held with the support of Rietumu Bank. However, it is the project in Voronezh – the city which is well known for its cultural traditions and is the capital of culture of the CIS countries this year – that brings the exhibition to the focus of international attention. I sincerely wish success to the painter and his works and expect high interest in them, and I give a warm welcome to Voronezh. I would like to express my special gratitude to the administration of the region and personally to Governor Mr Gordeev for the project support,” said Member of the Supervisory Council of Rietumu Bank Alexander Gafin.

Artis Bute is a bright and popular representative of the modern generation of Latvian painters. His works are distinguished with a combination of colours such as ochre, nacre, lilac and ultramarine, which is non-traditional for the classical school. Still, the combination of bright colours and forms does not prevent his pictures from organically fitting in both a classical and ultramodern interior.

Artis Bute has been participating in exhibitions since 1981. His works have been exhibited in Riga, Vilnius, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Baku, Salzburg, London, Stockholm and many other cities. His paintings can be found in European and Russian private and state collections.

Along with having a classical artistic education, Artis Bute has a diploma as a stage designer from the Art Academy of Latvia and successfully works in this area. Up to now A. Bute considers The Seagull by Chekhov staged at Liepaja Theatre to be his best work in stage design, which brought him an award in 1988 for the best staging of a theatrical performance in Latvia and the Baltic states.

Artis Bute considers his work in the theatre as the foundation and grounding for the appearance of his artistic pattern. For the author, each painting is a kind of small performance of which he is the director. His works are based on his love for the art nouveau style. By observing canons of the composition, proportions, construction and motives of this style, and by using his own fine art techniques, Artis Bute depicts the reflection of his perception and attitude to reality and the topics of interest on his canvases.

“I am pleased that my works have created sincere interest and attracted a lot of attention at my previous exhibitions in Russia. For me, every exhibition is like another exam which tests not only the artistic quality, but also the topicality and modernity of my art,” acknowledges the painter. “It is a great honour for me to present my works in Voronezh in a year which is so significant for the city. I am certain that there is no such thing as bad or good art. There is something we like and something we do not. Furthermore, real art brings people together, helps to understand and feel the national culture on an emotional and spiritual level.”

The exhibition will be open until 20 April in Voronezh Government House.

Artis Bute will also hold a master class for students of Voronezh Academy of Arts and art schools.

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