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Moscow Biennale «pre-show» – in Riga exposition

19-Aug-2015 / Charity & Sponsorship
Personal exhibition of young artist Ieva Epnere , who will represent Latvia at Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art in a month, has already opened in Riga.

Biennale that starts on September 22 in Moscow at VSHV is supported by general partner of this international contemporary art forum – Rietumu bank.

Ieva Epnere called the exhibition "Young man paradise", opened in Contemporary Art Centre kim?, in fashionable Riga block "Spikeri".

These are artistic expressions of memories of travelling to world distant places, former Soviet mining town "Pyramid", located on Norwegian island Svalbard. Once on this "no man's land" coal and various minerals were extracted, and scientists carried out their research. Since 1998, the village is uninhabited, but library, cultural centre, and even the world’s northerly piano still remain here...

Today this place brings you of your usual time and space:

Time flies fast. You sleep whenever you want, and do not care about the clock. Get up, stretch, and see what the weather is like outside. The clouds are shining when it’s sunny, but it’s still nice even if overcast. Next comes breakfast. It's amazing how you can manage to fall in love with fatty food. After dinner, hit the streets with no intention to return at any particular time. You stay happy even if you find yourself surrounded by mist. Paused time brings harmony to the ever seeking human gene.

Ieva Epnere expresses these impressions through the prism of artistic perception, creating her author "other space". In the exhibition hall, against the background of "Pyramid" landscape, viewers can see designs, the shape of which was inspired by early XX century tents – the kinds that were used during first polar-scientists expeditions. Complemented by moving and static images, which you can "communicate" with by listening to their stories about desire to travel to the edge of the world...

As noted by member of council of Rietumu Bank Alexander Gafin: "Contemporary art is of great interest not only because it meets aesthetic needs and challenges of the present, but also due to the ability to reflect the edgiest and important topics and issues. It is full of time spirit and helps us to keep up with modernity. All of this fully applies to the current exhibition of Ieva Epnere and the upcoming Moscow Biennale, where the young artist will represent our country. And the main question of the Biennale "How to live together?" is not accidental, and goes far beyond the sphere of art - artists, politicians and businesses are looking for the answer".

The exhibition in Riga will last until September 27. And on September 5 in framework of art project "White Night - 2015", an audiovisual performance by Ieva Epnere "Waiting for return of light", accompanied by live cello, will be held near Contemporary Art Centre kim? from 22.00 to 01.00.

Ieva Epnere (1977) - a young Latvian artist and film director, author of several films and photograph series. Since 2003 takes part in international exhibitions - both in Europe and beyond. Had more than a dozen personal exhibitions organized not only in her homeland, in Latvia, but also in Belgium, Germany, France. Ieva participated in many European competitions, in 2013 she was nominated for prestigious international award Henkel Art Award, and in 2014 won the prize of Riga International Film Festival 2ANNAS. This year Ieva Epnere will represent Latvia at Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.

Rietumu - leading private bank in Latvia, in homeland also widely known for charity and sponsorship. Bank supports fine art activities, owns a very authoritative and largest in the Baltics corporate collection of paintings. The Rietumu art gallery regularly hosts exhibitions of Latvian and foreign artists - currently works by outstanding Latvian sculptor and a living classic Viktorija Pelse are on display.

Rietumu „portfolio” includes participation in such iconic cultural events as the World Jazz Festival, which not long ago happened for second time with great success in Latvian capital; Laima Vajkule Jurmala Festival Rendez-vous, theatre festival "Golden Mask in Latvia", tour of Riga Russian Theatre in St. Petersburg, tour of Latvian National Opera and Latvian National Theatre in Moscow and many other.

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