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"Collection Ag47" Art Exhibition Opened in Rietumu Gallery

01-Jun-2015 / Charity & Sponsorship Rietumu Bank welcomes to visit its gallery for personal art exhibition " Collection Ag47 " by Latvian artist Vadim Kovalev.

Artist Vadim Kovalev was born in Riga in 1968, where his pictures are still painted today.

At the age of nine he was enrolled into a specialized Art School named after Janis Rozentals in Riga. And seven years later he entered the Latvian Academy of Arts, Faculty of Graphic Arts, and successfully completed it in 1994.

After graduating from the Academy of Arts Vadim took a 20-year break in his creative career. During these years his professional activity was connected with advertising and printing business. However, two years ago, he returned to his calling and started creating a series of paintings called "Collection Ag47".

The collection of "Ag47" works consists of 47 paintings — the result of 700-day work of the artist symbolizing his age. The paintings of "Collection Ag47" series is a chemistry of senses and paints, where surreal elements take turns with sentimental sensuality, therefore creating a fascinating story composition directed towards the audience of the "digital" century and opening up new horizons of contemporary culture.

Evaluating Vadim Kovalev’s works, Professor of Art Studies Andris Teikmanis noted the artist’s disposition to demonstrate in his works an intriguing synthesis of traditional painting language with that of modern pop culture painting.

In his turn, the associate professor of the Latvian Academy of Arts Gleb Panteleev notes an expressive stylistic diversity in Vadim Kovalev’s work, as well as ability to easily use various techniques of painting.

The exhibition will run until June 19; open hours: weekdays from 9 to 18.

Free entry as always.

Location: central office of Rietumu bank Capital Centre, 7 Vesetas St., Riga

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