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Tomorrow the fifth e-commerce forum “eCom21” will be held in Riga

16-Nov-2016 / Products & Services Tomorrow the biggest forum in Northern Europe on e-commerce development issues – “eCom21” will be held in the capital of Latvia.

This conference has become a traditional and anticipated event in the world of e-commerce. Over 500 attendees – entrepreneurs from Eastern and Western Europe, Russia and the USA are expected to take part in it.

Reports on pressing issues from e-commerce leaders, productive networking and a unique opportunity to meet the experts – these are just some of the prospects open for participants.

“eCom21” has been held in Riga since 2012, invariably under the patronage of the biggest Latvian private bank Rietumu. During that period, thousands of leading players and experts of e-commerce from over 45 countries have attended the forum.

This year the participants will discuss the most pressing issues of e-commerce development, its problems and prospects. The Organising Committee of the conference has divided the programme into the following streams: “East Meets West”, “Innovation in Payments”, “The Future of Cryptocurrencies”, “Global Tax Regimes – New Rules for a New Era?”. On the next day several work sessions will be held – logistics, payments and startups in e-commerce. Several reports will be made in areas such as “The Data Economy: Social Media and Data Innovation in E-Commerce”, “The Sharing Economy” and “Cyber Security”.

One of the subjects of the discussion will be the problem of security in e-commerce. It is no secret that the development of information technologies gave rise to new types of fraudulent activities. As practice shows, the most attractive business areas in the IT industry for crime are e-commerce and online banking. This is why the participants invited for the Cyber Security section are speakers with extensive experience in the information security area, among them being: CEO of Web Shield Limited Christian A. Chmiel, founder and CEO of IntellectEU Dirk Avau, Head of Online Payment Protection of Group-IB Pavel Krylov, who, in particular, noted, “For us, for several years in succession, “eCom21” remains the main conference on e-commerce and its information security. We are always pleased to see experts from different countries on this platform, and the conference format anticipates not only interesting content and contacts, but also an opportunity to reach fast agreements and launch pilot projects.”
The “eCom21” forum can be regarded as a real concentration of the world’s business intellect, as its speakers are ‘gurus’ of the industry: Jon Matonis from Bitcoin Foundation, Vladimir Malugin from PayPal Russia, Alexander Magomedov from Yandex.Money, Ilya Kretov from eBay Russia, Victor Dostov from Russian Electronic Money Association, Vadim Rumiantsev from Mail.ru, Alexander Pavlov from ru-Net, Yury Ivanov from VKontakte, Boris Ovchinnikov from Data Insight, Sergey Kotyrev from UMI, Vladimir Komissarov from DEAC, Jevgenijs Novickis from Swipe.lv, Andrey Kovalev from ThreatMetrix, Liudas Kanapienis from PaySera, Jeroen Smit from ChronoPayBV, Gunnar Adalberth from UPS, Kestutis Gardziulis from ETRONIKA, Mark Harrison from IPC, Sander Gansen from Shipitwise, Oliver Reinsalu from Bondora, Dirk Avau from Intellect EU, Vytenis Pavalkis from WoraPay, Max Krupyshev – Cubits, Vesa Tukonen – Visa Europe, Michael Firulik – Mail.ru, Vadim Rumiantcev from Mail.Ru Group, Vladimir Komissarov from DEAC, Craig James – NeoPay, Denis Persanov – QIWI, Maurits Bruggink from EMOTA, Steven Effingham from EMEIA, Christian A. Chmiel from Web Shield Limited, Pavel Krylov from Group-IB, Pieter Poorthuis from BitPay, Jaroslav Zamullo and Eugene Dugaev from Rietumu Bank, Kostas Rossoglou from YELP, Michal Sadowski from Brand24, Elie Beyrouthy from Western Union, Prabhat Agarwal – a representative from the European Commission, Arnis Libenzons – the Head of the E-Commerce team in the Tax Control Board of SRS of Latvia.

Speakers from different countries, unique reports, and a professional audience – all of this will allow those present to plunge deeply into the e-commerce sphere, considering problems and prospects from different positions. “Russia, as the biggest European market both in regard to the population and the number of internet users, is traditionally the focus of attention of the conference. Moreover, the Russian e-commerce market not only has huge potential, but also a number of significant peculiarities – in the market structure, marketing, ways of payment, etc., the discussion of which still remains topical. This year the revival of the Russian e-commerce market, following a break taken in 2015, provides an additional reason for looking at it more attentively,” said Boris Ovchinnikov, Head of Research of the first Russian research agency specialising in the e-commerce market.

This conference will differ from the previous ones primarily in regard to its format, as well as the concentration of the discussion of several key topics simultaneously. Discussion sessions and workshops, which have been specially developed for this jubilee conference, will become the main feature of “eCom21” in 2016.

The moderator of the first plenary day of the conference will be Maxim Spiridonov, CEO of the education company Netology-Group (the group includes projects such as Foxford, SmartLearning, Netology). The moderator of one of the parallel sessions, devoted to startups, will be former Ministry of Economics of Latvia, Board Member of the Latvian Startup Association – Daniels Pavluts.

General partner of “eCom21” is DECTA – a modern processing centre for e-commerce with ready-to-use innovative technological solutions. It operates by using Tieto and ORACLE software located in two data centres.

The processing is open for the integration of both software and business-focused solutions. Decta API contains plenty of functions for the integration of banks, IPSP and online traders directly. Apart from internet acquiring services, a ready package for card issue and management is offered – Decta Card Management.

The organisers give a reminder that all news about the conference is available on the conference website and official sites of “eCom21” in social networks.

Registration of new participants is available here.

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