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Lattelecom Has Become Official Partner of the “eCom21” International Conference

09-Nov-2015 / Products & Services Latvia’s leading provider of communication services, Lattelecom, has become an official partner of the international annual conference on e-commerce, “eCom21”.

The organising committee of the conference notes that “eCom21” plays a significant role by providing a platform for recognised companies and experts in the e-commerce industry. Owing to the forum, new advanced visions are established and objective solutions are taken on developing the industry as a whole.

“eCom21”, the biggest forum on e-commerce in the Baltics, which is traditionally arranged under the auspices of Rietumu Bank, will be held on 19–20 November in Riga. This year will become the fourth consecutive year this conference has been arranged.

The Head of the Business Development Department of the Lattelecom Data Centre reckons that “The Baltic countries have great potential in this field. This is one of the reasons for our participation in the biggest forum on e-commerce in the Baltics – “eCom21”. We would like to share our experience in this field regarding the issues of safety and cost reduction”.

He also notes that e-commerce is the most dynamically glowing retail market in Europe – one proof of this is the industry growth in comparison with last year’s results, which is estimated as 15–20%. “This tendency is especially vivid in the Nordic countries. The solutions provided by e-commerce allow for increasing the sale volume. At the same time, entrepreneurs and business managers are in a constant search for new solutions which will help them to reduce production costs and increase sales”.

Traditionally, a wide range of authoritative speakers are expected at the conference. This year speeches will be given by: Avet Mnatsakanyan, CEO of WebMoney Europe; spokesperson from Yandex.Money Alexander Magomedov; Victor Dostov, Russian Electronic Money Association; Victor Stepanov, Owner at Coinfide; Vladimir Malugin from Pay Pal Russia; John Derry-Collins, Chairman of I-Fact Services Limited; Jon Matonis, Founding Board Director at Bitcoin Foundation; Dmitry Danilenko, Qiwi; David Chester from Unified Payments; Ivan Kurguzov, spokesperson from RAEC, Russia; Igor Arefev, Vice-President of Alfa Bank; Jaroslav Zamullo from Rietumu Bank; Jeroen Smit, CEO of Chronopay Group; Quent Rickerby from 2Checkout; Craig James, CEO of NeoPay; Marat Abasaliyev, CEO of PayOnline; Sergey Zhirikhin, CEO of WireCapital; Michael C.G. Charalambides, Regional Director of ECommPay; Maxim Ovchinnikov from Accentpay; Oleg Pokrovsky from OCEAN BANK; a spokesperson from MasterCard; a spokesperson from FCA UK; Sпmon Saneback, E-commerce Expert, Sweden; Wei Zhihong from UnionPay International; and more.

The subject of the conference this year is “Processing. Acceptance of Payments. E-commerce Evolution”. The participants will be provided with an opportunity to discuss prospects for new payment institutions developing online and the changing role of banks in the modern world of e-payment services.

The spokesperson from Lattelecom informed that during the conference its participants will be able to visit Dattum – the first and the only data centre in Latvia which is certified in accordance with PCI DSS and TIERIII safety standards.

“Certified data centres provide considerable growth, alongside provision of the more developed infrastructure for their clients. At present, a significant number of clients from Europe and the CIS countries come to the e-commerce industry. Among other things, they use services provided by the certified data centre of Lattelecom, which creates an additional value for businesses of the clients”, concludes Maris Sperga, Head of the Business Development Department of the Lattelecom Data Centre.

Lattelecom is an innovative and dynamic enterprise in communications, helping to overcome barriers between technologies and people. The company provides a wide range of services in telecommunications, optical Internet, and TV. The company formulates its mission as follows: to provide people with the widest opportunities for a modern life .

The general partner of “eCom21” is the international provider of payment solutions ECommPay, and its information partners are the Russian media holding company RBC and the financial portal Banks.eu.

The conference is held with the support of the “Electronic Money” association.

Further comprehensive information on the forum is available at ecom21.com and at facebook.com/eCom21

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