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Laima Vaikule’s "Rendez-vous" Festival Finished in Jurmala

15-Jul-2015 / Charity & Sponsorship Laima Vaikule and friends’ "Rendez-vous" festival had great success in Jurmala. It was attended by musicians and performers, the singer’s friends from Latvia, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia.

The festival was held during two days and received full attendance. Its main platform was the Dzintari Concert Hall, which has recently undergone a large-scale renovation. The festival was supported by the largest private bank in Latvia Rietumu.

A truly festive atmosphere of beauty, music, and friendship reigned at the concert during these two days. According to spectators and guests, the "Rendez-vous" festival can legitimately be called the main cultural event of this summer in Jurmala. In many respects it is fair to refer this event to a larger scale, far beyond the borders of Latvia.

As noted by a member of the Rietumu Board Alexander Gafin during a press conference: "Laima Vaikule’s festival is a very important event, which fits well into the life of Dzintari Concert Hall. New Wave and KVN played their roles in contributing to popularization of this remarkable site, but life goes on, and the new interesting events always replace former ones. Laima is Latvia’s national heritage, so we could not stay away and supported her festival. It has already caused a great stir, and I sincerely wish Laima’s festival great success and continuation in the future. I believe that this project will develop and acquire new bright forms".

While speaking of her festival, Laima Vaikule noted: "For me it is important that this happens directly in Jurmala, in “Dzintari”. There are a lot of sunny resorts with luxurious concert halls in Europe, but this is the very place I feel at home. It has something that other place doesn’t".

During the "Rendez-vous" festival, visitors and residents of Jurmala watched the performance of Laima and many of her Russian pop-star friends, and other talented Latvian performers.

During the first day of the festival Laima’s guests were Latvian pop-stars — Intars Busulis, Linda Lynn, Janis Stibelis, and Andris Erglis.

During the second day, the stage of “Dzintari” was taken by foreign guests - Boris Moiseev, Valery Syutkin, Verka Serduchka, Nani Bregvadze, and Maksim Leonidov.

The festival was followed by a bright afterparty in Jurmala’s fashionable 36.Line restaurant.

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