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Speaker of eCom21 Forum: E-commerce Is Expecting Qualitative Transformation

02-Nov-2015 / Charity & Sponsorship “The e-commerce industry is expecting qualitative transformation,” says Victor Dostov, President of the Russian Electronic Money Association, who will be one of the speakers of the coming eCom21 conference in Riga.

Traditionally, the patron of this international e-commerce forum, the biggest in the Baltics, is Rietumu Bank.

As Victor Dostov notes, the next several years could be the start of global structural changes on the financial market. “The key event will be the adoption of a new payment directive of the EU, which will lead to changes in market verticality and new opportunities for payment intermediaries,” emphasises the expert.

The President of the Russian Electronic Money Association also drew attention to the rapid growth of cyber threats, which will inevitably result in technological reconstruction of the market, “This is one of the reasons for the growing interest in crypto technologies and the development of non-emission models adapted for the traditional financial system. The industry is getting ready for qualitative transformation."

The IV international conference eCom21 will be held in Riga on 19-20 November, one of the supporters being the Russian Electronic Money Association. The forum will be dedicated to topical tendencies and prospects in the area of e-payments; its key subject is: “Processing. Acceptance of Payments. E-commerce Evolution.” The participants will discuss prospects of new payment institutions, which develop online, as well as the changing role of banks in the modern world of e-payment services.

According to Victor Dostov, “At times of change it is important to hear all participants of the market. eCom21 has always been a platform for an interesting exchange of opinions and I am sure that we will have such to talk about this year as well.”

The President of the Russian Electronic Money Association, which is one of the leading experts in the area of the latest payment trends in Russia, will hold a speech at the forum devoted to challenges of the modern financial market, as well as the role and prospects of banks in this process.

Russian Electronic Money Association was established in 2010 and unites the 17 biggest players of the e-money industry, jointly representing over 80% of the Russian market. During its existence, the Association has become one of the recognised centres of competence for key tendencies of industry development, profile regulation, availability of financial services and financial innovations, both in Russia and abroad. The President of the Association Victor Dostov is a regular speaker at international forums devoted to e-money, retail payments, etc., the author of publications on regulation, management and prospects of the payment industry. He is a country correspondent of the “Financial Regulation International” journal and a member of the Expert Council of the “Settlement and Operations in the Commercial Bank” journal.

The eCom21 conference is annually attended by hundreds of participants from the Baltic states, Central, Eastern and Western Europe, the CIS, Asia and other parts of the world.

The general partner of eCom21 is EcommPay – the international provider of payment solutions; information partners are RBC Russian Media Holding and the Banks.eu financial portal.

Further information about the forum is available on its webpage and on Facebook.

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