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Payment to the VISA or MasterCard of Any Bank Worldwide

09-Sep-2015 / Products & Services Rietumu Bank has implemented a fundamentally new payment service based on a solution provided by DECTA Processing Centre.

Starting from today, Rietumu Bank clients may remit funds to VISA and MasterCard cards, issued by any bank of any country.

In contrast to other standard remittances, neither the receiver’s account number nor other accompanying information is required. All you need is the card number and the receiver’s first name and surname.

“Direct remittance to bank cards is a fundamentally new approach, which makes the banking service even more modern and efficient. It is very convenient for small payments, allowing you to save time and, in many cases, also money. The bank finds the development of this service, in cooperation with corporate clients and payment institutions, to be very perspective,” states the Head of the Payment Cards Department of Rietumu Bank, Mark Andreyev.

The money sent is automatically converted into the currency of the receiver’s country. For example, when the sender makes a payment in EUR but the receiver’s card is in RUB, the receiver will automatically get the equivalent amount in roubles.

The new service can be used by all clients of Rietumu Bank, both private individuals and legal entities. Payments may be made via iRietumu online bank.

A commission charge for such payment is 2% of the amount (the minimum amount is EUR 3). In most cases, it is much more beneficial than a charge for a standard bank remittance.

DECTA, which started operating in 2015, is the most advanced processing centre in the Baltic States. For its establishment, technological solutions developed by one of the world’s leading IT companies, Tieto, have been used. DECTA offers services for processing online payments with cards of international payment systems and solutions for issuing payment cards in the Baltic States, the CIS, Europe and other regions of the world.

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