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Rietumu Deploys Internet Banking Servicing on Apple Watch

10-Jul-2015 / Products & Services The iRietumu Internet banking application is now available not only for iOS telephones and tablets, but also on Apple Watch.

Rietumu has become the first bank in the Baltic States to offer its customers control over their accounts from a new class wearable tech device .

As previously reported, the iRietumu mobile Internet application is now available for popular operating systems — iOS and Android, and the owners of Windows Mobile devices can use mobile Digipass.

From now on the Rietumu customers — owners of Apple Watch — may check the balance of their accounts and cards in real-time mode without taking out their mobile phone or tablet.

According to the Rietumu Senior Vice President Jevgenijs Djugajevs: "Dynamism of modern life taught us to appreciate every second. We've learned that many processes that used to take hours or even days in the past can be handled now in a few clicks. The same applies to banking services.

Apple Watch is the next, in a certain sense, experimental step and we want to find out how much these technologies are in demand in practical life among active people".

Rietumu pays special attention to the area of "humane" and friendly development of new technologies: recently the bank has become the first in the Baltics and one of the first in Europe to introduce Digipass into mobile banking, therefore its clients leave their usual "physical" code calculators.

The iRietumu Internet banking application meets the latest requirements for reliability and security in remote account management, as well as has several levels of encryption and data protection.

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