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RAM Experts: Investors are eagerly anticipating upcoming June events

09-Jun-2016 / Products & Services Specialists of the Rietumu Group have prepared monthly performance report of Rietumu Asset Management investment funds for May. The report contains an analysis of key economic data, monetary policy, developments in stock, bonds and commodity market as well as recent experts’ comments.

“Macroeconomic indicators from the Euro area and the U.S. positively surprised investors in May. Both economies showed strength in labour market, improvements in some economic indicators and further growth of consumer expenditures. The positive surprise on the released data portrays a tendency of some market participants to exaggerate risks and emphasizes importance of fundamental analysis,” say RAM portfolio managers.

“Oil prices continued slow, but steady recovery. In late May started Americas summer driving season, during which demand for oil historically increases. The U.S. Energy Information Administration expects a record level of oil demand this year,” note experts.

The report highlights that the key event of May was release of April FOMC minutes, according to which a probability of federal funds rate hike appeared to be higher than market participants previously thought.

Forthcoming month promises to be eventful. Investors are eagerly awaiting several significant events: OPEC meeting, FED meeting and UK referendum.

The latest RAM report and experts’ commentaries can be found here.

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