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Rietumu Bank Has Updated Mobile Applications for iOS and Android

05-Jul-2016 / Products & Services An update of iRietumu HD (version 1.9.) for iOS has recently been released at AppStore. The new version supports usage of the fingerprint sensor Touch ID and allows payment data to be searched for in statements, up to 10 years back.

An update of the application for OS Android has been published in Google Play – it is now possible to continue a safe session and sign messages in the chat, giving them the force of orders.

Now about 15% of all clients of the bank work via mobile devices only, and do not use the web version of the internet bank.

The new version of iRietumu HD for iOS includes:

    · Possibility to use Touch ID (fingerprint sensor) for protecting the application;

    · Search through transactions in statements;

    · Operation with Apple Watch has become faster and more reliable;

    · Safety components of the application have been updated;

    · An error when depicting a portfolio of securities having a big number of positions has been corrected.

iRietumu HD application already practically fully substitutes the traditional internet bank, providing an opportunity for both new receivers and existing ones to make payments, with no extra time wasted. With the help of this application, one can convert currencies at beneficial rates, supplement card accounts, receive information and statements on deposits, loans and investment portfolios, perform card management – order new ones, block and unblock their availability. It also allows communication and exchanging of documents with the bank by using the convenient form of chat.

The Digipass for the Mobile authorisation device is integrated in the application. It allows one to work with the bank without the use of additional pendants or code calculators. Safe sessions with the bank are anticipated on protected devices in the application, with no need to additionally input passwords when logging in. iRietumu HD also supports the multiple signature mode, when signatures of several persons are required for confirming an order.

The application remains simple and convenient to use, with no compromises regarding the safety of operation. The protection methods used are constantly updated.

iRietumu HD works on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android platforms. Digipass for Mobile is also available for the Windows phone.

The version of the application for Android has also received a number of improvements:

    · A possibility now exists to safely restore connection with the bank on protected devices for receiving information on balances and statements;

    · A possibility is now available in the chat to sign a letter to the bank – now such letter can be given the force of an order;

    · The safety level, speed and stability of the application have been improved, and navigation on the application is easy on the eye with unobtrusive animation;

    · Support of the last version of Android OS6 Marshmallow.

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