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New iRietumu Internet Bank Web Version

13-Jun-2018, 11:10 / Products & Services Rietumu Bank has launched a new internet bank web version for its customers.

One of new version’s main advantages is a possibility to work without manual digipasses, pendants and digital certificates. While connecting to accounts and making transactions, new iRietumu is able to “communicate” with the mobile digipass on your smartphone. Namely, after the payment is confirmed on your smartphone, it will be automatically executed in the new iRietumu web version.

This web version and mobile digipass integration is provided by Push technology, which is built in a new iRietumu HD for iOS operating system recently published in AppStore (please allow the application to work with Push notifications, when such an inquiry is received).

In several upcoming weeks, the bank’s clients can use both new and previous version simultaneously.

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