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New Calendar from Rietumu

30-Nov-2016 / Products & Services Rietumu Bank’s new 2017 desktop calendar has been released.

The cross-cutting theme of this calendar is charity. The twelve stories on its pages cover projects, facilities, or simply good deeds which have been supported by Rietumu Bank or its Charity Fund.

These stories are very different in their geography, genre, scale, and social role. They relate to culture, museums, various sports, the preservation of monuments, or the development of the urban and social environment.

The coming year is a special one for our bank. Rietumu will celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary in 2017.

Today Rietumu is a large and invariably successful bank, one that is known far beyond the borders of this country. It has won international recognition in the form of professional awards and prizes, and is a leader in many of its activities.

As part of their business philosophy, Rietumu Bank’s shareholders have always proceeded from the fact that the social role of a successful business is revealed not only through its entrepreneurial activities, but also in the overall support for any such changes for the better that take place with our participation. Thanks to this, the bank always devotes its attention towards charity and sponsorship efforts.

On top of that, this calendar is just beautiful. As with previous years, it has been designed by artists from Brandbox Bureau.

We will be very much pleased to know that you are enjoying our new calendar!

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